Children's Matters

In addition to providing competent, friendly advice in respect of property settlement matters, Affinity Family Lawyers can also provide you with legal advice in relation to children's issues. 

Separation can be an emotional time for families, and in particular children, and Affinity Family Lawyers can assist you in your negotiations with your partner about where the children will reside, contact arrangements with the child/children and other issues such as schooling, medical/dental, long term parenting arrangements and any other relevant issues the parties may wish to include in an agreement.  Upon finalising an agreement, the agreement can be formalised by way of consent orders and lodged with the Court. 

As a parent, you have duties and obligations to provide for your children, and this generally includes the payment of private/public school tuition, health insurance, medical/dental expenses, fees for extra-curricular and sporting activities and all general living expenses.  Commonly, this is usually applicable until your child/children turn 18 years of age, and in some circumstances this can extend beyond the age of 18 in adult child maintenance cases.

Each parent's obligation in respect of child support can be calculated by the Child Support Agency using a specified formula, and amongst other criteria, takes into account the amount of time the child/children are living with each parent and each parents income and expenses.

Alternatively, parents can come to their own agreement in relation to child support and formalise this agreement in either a limited or binding child support agreement.  Affinity Lawyers can draft an agreement to suit your requirements, and to ensure that the relevant legislation is complied with.

If you cannot come to an agreement with your partner in relation to children's issues, you may need to file an application with the Brisbane Federal Circuit Court or Family Court of Australia.

Before filing an application, certain requirements need to be undertaken (there are exceptions) such as attending with a dispute resolution practitioner/mediator and obtaining a section 60I certificate. Affinity Family Lawyers has a wealth of experience in children's matters and can provide with you advice in relation to pre-procedure processes, your available options and entitlements and all other issues specifically relating to children's matters.

Please telephone one of our friendly, experienced Gold Coast Family Lawyers on 0755 638 970 to arrange an initial consultation, which is free of charge, to discuss your options.

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